Who is Eligible to join MariSol Federal Credit Union?



If you would like more information about MariSol eligibility, call the Member Service Department at (602) 252-6831. Once you are a member, you are always a member.

How do I join?

Online Application

A membership application must be completed. We can fax or mail an application to you or stop by one of our branches. A $25.00 minimum deposit is required in your savings account and must be maintained at all times. This deposit is called a Par Share and entitles each member to vote at the Annual Board of Directors elections. It is your ownership share. Total amount due at time of application is $25.00. For current county employees, your first deposit can be made through payroll deduction. Ask a Member Service Representative for more information at (602) 252-6831.

Who in my family can join? Do I have to join first?

If you have a family member that is eligible to join, then you are eligible to join.  No, you do not have to wait for them to join first. Family members include: mother, father, sisters, brothers, mother-in-law, father-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, children, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins or legal dependents. Household member is defined as a person living in the same residence maintaining a single unit. This would include, for example, roommates sharing a house or single apartment unit.

Can you tell me how long MariSol has been in business?

Charles Samuels established Maricopa County Employees Federal Credit Union in 1954 for the purpose of serving county employees. The first par value was $5.00 and loans were no more than $50.00. The main credit union office is still located in its founding building. In December 2002, Sun Catholic Credit Union merged into the credit union adding its field of membership. In 2006, Arizona Odd Fellows and Rebekah Credit Union merged into the credit union adding its field of membership. In 2009, Chicanos Por La Causa Federal Credit Union merged into MariSol Federal Credit Union adding to its field of membership.

What is the MariSol mission?

MariSol Federal Credit Union's purpose is to deliver savings, solutions and service to its membership. In September 2003, our name changed to MariSol Federal Credit Union to reflect our promise to the past and commitment to the future. Our sun logo echoes our vision of the future - brilliant with endless possibilities.

In 2010, was awarded the designation of a Community Development Financial Institution.

Our mission statement is: 

Empowering our members through financial inclusion by access to affordable and equitable financial solutions.

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