Account Forms
Purpose of Form

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Form for your employer (Not for employees of Maricopa County or MIHS).

Maricopa County and MIHS Payroll Form

Only for Maricopa County or MIHS employees – Complete the bottom portion of the form – sign both portions of the form

Form needed to get E-Statements instead of mailed statement. Save the planet!

Form allows you to opt out of the Courtesy Pay Program for checking accounts.

Overdraft Fees / Courtesy Pay

Form that allows you to opt in or out of Courtesy Pay for ATM and one-time Debit card transactions.

Stop a payment on a check.
Stop payment on an ACH (electronic payment).
Stop payment on an unauthorized ACH (electronic payment).
Stop payment on a MariSol Cashier’s Check.
Add or Remove of joint owner on an account. All owners of the account must agree to add or remove a joint owner by signing the form. 
Account closure form. MariSol requires the member signature to close the account.
Form that allows you to update account information. (ex: Name Change, New Address, City, State, Home Number, Work Number) Form must be faxed or brought to a MariSol branch.
Lending Forms
Purpose of Form

Private Party Vehicle Sale - English

Required form for the sale of a vehicle from a private seller (not an Auto Dealer).

Esta es una forma para la venta privada de vehiculo. Declaracion del vendedor.

Form required with all loan applications.

Form needed to apply for a loan.

Forma para aplicar para un préstamo.

To apply for a business loan. $50,000 and under.

ATM/Debit Card Forms
Purpose of Form
Replace a MariSol Debit Card or ATM Card.
Establish biweekly payments on a MariSol MasterCard®.
To establish automatic payments on your MariSol MasterCard®.
Mobile Banking Forms
Purpose of Form

Mobile Banking Service Agreement

Rules and agreement for using mobile banking

Remote Deposit Capture Agreement

Remote Deposit Capture Agreement
Wire Transfer Forms
Purpose of Form

Wire money from your MariSol Account to a United States financial institution.

Incoming Wire Instruction

Instructions to have money wired in to your MariSol account

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