Remote Deposit FAQ's

1. How do I set up the Remote Deposit feature?
In order to have the remote deposit feature you must complete the Remote Deposit Capture Agreement form. Call Member Services at (602)252-6831, or download the form online. Forms are also available at any MariSol branch location. Upon approval by MariSol, the remote deposit feature will be turned on.

Remote Deposit Agreement Form

2.How do I make a check deposit from my smartphone?
You can make a check deposit from your smartphone by opening the MariSol FCU app, then loggin onto your MariSol account, and then click remote deposit. You will then be prompted to follow instructions and take a picture of the front and back of your check.

Remote Deposit User Guide

3. Can I use my desktop computer to make a check deposit?
No. It must be a backward facing camera. Feature is only available on mobile banking.

4. Good tips to know about taking a picture of your check;

  • Place check on blank surface.
  • Align check within border.
  • Hold camera steady.
  • Review check before you submit. The image must be clean, complete, and straight.

5. What happens next?

Checks that are deposited onto your account with the remote deposit capture feature are reviewed by MariSol within 1 business day. Good quality images are processed. Check deposits with poor images are reversed. MariSol will notify you if this occurs. Please call Member Services at (602)252-6831 if you have any questions regarding your check deposit.

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