MariSol has a loan solution for you for that unexpected home repair, medical bill, family emergency, consolidate debts or a wonderful vacation.

Signature Secured

  • Amounts up to $20,000 per member
  • Terms up to 60 months
  • Fixed rate – rate is dependent on credit score
  • Automatic Payment Options

Line of Credit

  • Amounts up to $20,000 per member
  • Same fixed rate for all credit scores
  • Automatic Payment Options
  • Easy access via MariSol
    • ATM
    • Branches
    • Online banking
    • Audio Response Center – (602)-257-1797
    • Or just give us a call at 602-252-6831

Quick Loans – A payday loan alternative

Quick Loans – Fast Cash and No Credit Check Required


·         Borrower $750.00 in 20 minutes flat at a 18% APR.*  

·         No credit check required and just a $35 non-refundable application fee

·         Must be employed for six consecutive months – two months of paystubs are required

·         Repay over six months

·         Wind up with an extra $120 in savings

·         Build your credit rating


APR = Annual Percentage Rate.  A $750 loan at 18% APR for a term of six months has a payment of $152.78 per month, of that monthly payment, $20 a month is deposited into a non-interest-bearing savings account that will be released up full repayment of the loan.


Citizenship Loans at 0% Interest

$725 Citizenship Loan:

 - 12 month term
 - 0% interest for $56.67 a month
 - $30 - non-refundable application fee
 - Must be 18 to apply
 - Must provide proof of income for last six months
 - Must provide completed application for Citizenship Loan.

Savings Secured Loans

Use your savings account or certificate of deposit as collateral for a low interest rate loan. It is a great tool for re-establishing or establishing credit. Term up to 60 months. Use your savings to secure a line of credit or even a MasterCard. Minimum loan amount is $500.00.


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How to Apply?


Fax an application with a copy of your most recent paystub to 602-383-1201


Stop by any branch: Branch Locations & Hours
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