Effective 02/01/20- ALL Kasasa checking accounts will change. 

  • At least one direct deposit (ACH or automatic credit transaction) must post and settle to your checking account per monthly qualification cycle. That deposit must equal $500.00 or more. Multiple ACH  or automatic credit deposits will not be summed to reach the $500.00 minimum. No refund transactions in any amount posted to your account will be considered a direct deposit.  
  • ATM fee reimbursement will be up to an aggregate total of $7.50, not $15.00 if the account is eligible for rewards. 
  • Kasasa Cash Back will earn 2% cash back on up to a total of $250.00 debit card purchases that post and settle to the account during the cycle period up to maximum cash back earned of $5.00 per month, not 3% for maximum cash back of $7.50.
  • All other terms and conditions are unchanged.