"Solution means... I can access my account Nationwide!"

Shared Branching - What does that mean?

It means - Access Nationwide! Shared branching is a unique concept based on a credit union principal of cooperation. Credit Unions across the United States have pooled resources to better serve their members. This shared branching network allows credit unions to serve each others members. As a MariSol member you can go to another credit union who is apart of the shared branch network and do transactions on your MariSol account.

Note: Shared Branching transactions cannot be performed on accounts with certain restrictions.

Visit the shared branch website:

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Frequently Ask Questions:

What kind of transactions can I do at shared branch?

  • Deposits and withdrawals
  • Transfers between sub-accounts
  • Loan payments and advances
  • Account history printing

What do I need to do a shared branching transaction?
You need a government picture ID such as a Driver's License and your MariSol Federal Credit Union name and account number.

If I deposit a check - will there be a hold? - Yes, all checks are put on hold.  This is a shared branching rule. Why this rule? Check fraud - the rule is there to prevent abuse and losses.

How much cash can I get in a day? The shared branch limit is $500.00. Why - every credit union needs to make sure that they can meet the needs of their members as well as any shared branching members. At a MariSol Branch, we allow members $2,000 a day. If you need more money then the daily allowable, you need to make arrangements at a MariSol branch.

Can I make a loan payment if my loan payment is late? As long as your loan payment does not exceed 30 days, yes. Your shared branching Teller may call MariSol on any late payment to verify that MariSol will accept it.

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