CU Style ... Credit Union vs. Bank


Want to be an owner? Join a credit union. Want to be a number? Be a customer at a bank. It's that simple! Credit Unions are owned by their (customers) members and Banks are owned by stock holders (people looking to make money some money) Credit Unions and Banks are both regulated financial institutions that offer many of the same products and services. Banks may have more products to offer to millionaires, but if you are like most people, you are not looking to spend a bunch of money.


Credit Unions were enacted under the same idea used by our forefathers, "by the people and for the people". A Credit Union is a "financial cooperative", which basically means a financial institution owned by its customers (members). To become a member, you must deposit an owner Share of $25.00 into MariSol. That $25.00 will grow in value with the help of quarterly dividends. A member must keep this $25.00 into a Savings Account to remain a member. With that $25.00, it allows you the opportunity to vote for the volunteer Board of Directors each year, receive lower rates on loans, higher rates on dividends and low account fees. You tell us what you want and we listen! So basically, you can either reap the benefits of becoming a CU style member or donate your money to a bank. You decide...

MariSol FCU Style ...

Here at MariSol, we not only offer great benefits, like no monthly fee checking, free online banking and discount attraction we also financially empower our members through financial education and one-on-one interaction. Also, as you can see through our staff photos and videos, we like to have a lot of fun here as well. Below are just a few special offers:

Student Checking

Credit Card

This checking account was specifically designed for teens 16 - 18. It is only $100 minimum balance requirement, but no monthly fee for this account. Along with this account you receive:

  • a free debit card
  • free direct deposit set-up 
  • online banking

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Kids Club

Kids Club

A Kids Club Savings Account is not only for children, it is also a great savings tool for teens. This account earns higher quarterly dividends than a regular savings account and only requires a $25.00 minimum balance. We offer financial tools like direct deposit and online banking to meet your financial goals.

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Free Financial Classes

Financial Classes

Every month, MariSol teaches financial empowerment classes for our members. These classes are free and cover such topics like: Budget 101, Banking Basics, Predatory Lending and Credit Management. These classes are perfect opportunities for your teenager to become financially savvy. Classes are held at our Mesa Branch on either Thursday nights or Saturday mornings. If you are interested in signing up your teenager for one of these classes, contact Vanessa Ayala at 602-252-6831 ext. 202 or

Share Secured Credit Cards

Share Secured Credit Cards

If you are the age of eighteen, a good option for establishing credit is with a savings secured credit card. This credit card option is secured by a deposit into your savings account; limits can be as low as $500.  This option is a safe way for to enter into the credit card world, as it is secured by your money and yet it reports their credit history (payments) to the credit bureaus. This is an easy and affordable way to build credit. The rates of the credit card are the same as our regular MasterCard and there are no additional charges for cash advances and no increase in the interest rate for a late payment. This is also a great option for re-establishing credit!

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